Arctic temperatures are a refiner’s fire for convictions,
leaving behind fortitude rarely seen in this world.


EPISODE 4 – Arctic Survival

Roland’s secret agenda may be exposed when he is forcefully taken by Pinnacle’s security team. If he can endure their interrogation, then he will have to survive whatever Pinnacle throws at him next.

Pinnacle will push the limits of the extra-human abilities of the Tech Games contestants to their absolute breaking points with a 500 mile ultra marathon in the Arctic. By modeling their newest punishing race course after the upper icefields of the Yukon Territory, they can achieve constant subzero temperatures during the day and a staggering -85 °F at nightfall. Cold enough to freeze any cyborg metal!

With no cold weather training, Roland’s tiny team must find an outside adviser, fast. Roland’s utter survival will depend heavily on a local Russian drunk, Ivan. Will the team be able to hold it together long enough to keep Roland alive?

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