Nano Contestant - Episode 2: Ultimate Endurance

Extreme times call for extreme measures!


EPISODE 2 – Ultimate Endurance

Only 48 of the 1,000 entrants will be allowed to move forward into the Tech Games as a contestant.  Becoming a contestant is Roland’s only chance to get close enough to the Pinnacle Corporation to uncover the evidence needed to clear his father’s name and save him from death by incineration.

Roland has trained hard, but will it be enough?  His resolve to become a Tech Games contestant is tested over a double marathon of the 5 most difficult terrains known to man.  He must survive sheer rock cliffs, jumping off towering waterfalls, racing down an erupting volcano, fighting through blinding sandstorms and using parkour style freerunning to clear urban obstacles.

More brutal than the terrain are other racers.  Willing to kill to qualify, the other contestants use  martial arts, grappling (or just plain murder) to gain a position during this 52.4 mile endurance run.  Contestants will use every bit of their technology to gain an advantage.  Android arms for strength, cyborg legs for speed and digitized DNA for healing apps.  Roland must use his new nanotech to survive and compete for one of the coveted Tech Games positions.

Will Roland’s untested nanotech be enough to be one of the 48 that crosses the Tech Games finish line?  He must push himself passed what he thought was possible for a chance to save his dad.

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